Introduction to R&S Movers: Your Trusted International Moving Company

Welcome to R&S Movers, Charleston‘s leading international moving company. With our rich experience and deep understanding of global relocation complexities, we specialize in providing exceptional moving services. Our team in Charleston is adept at handling the unique challenges of international moving, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for our clients.

Diverse Transportation Options for International Moving.

How do we ship your belongings? At R&S Movers, we recognize that every international move requires a unique way of transportation. We offer a variety of options to suit your needs:
As it guides you to choose the best solution for transporting your goods. Transportation modes can be combined to meet your needs and your budget. For instance, essentials can be shipped by air while your larger furniture can be moved by sea or Road.


Ideal for time-sensitive moves, our air transport services ensure the quickest delivery of your belongings. We handle all aspects of air cargo, from packing and loading to customs clearance and delivery.


Our sea transport services are perfect for larger moves, offering an economical and reliable way to transport your belongings overseas. We coordinate the entire process, from container loading to shipping and unloading at your destination.


For moves within the continent or to nearby countries, our road transport services offer flexibility and convenience. Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles ensures the safe and timely delivery of your items.

“Comprehensive Moving Solutions: Tailored Experience, Expert in International Moving, and Exceptional Support at R&S Movers”

Comprehensive International Moving Services

We provide a complete range of international moving services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our expertise covers all aspects of the move, from careful packing and secure crating to efficient transportation and customs clearance. Our skill in international logistics guarantees the safe and punctual arrival of your belongings, regardless of the destination.

Personalized Moving Experience

Understanding that every international move is distinct, we offer customized moving plans. Our team collaborates closely with you to create a strategy that aligns with your schedule and budget, involving you in every step of the moving process.
Our expertise in international logistics allows us to offer a range of transportation options, meticulously chosen to suit the nature of your move. Whether it’s the swift delivery of essential items through air transport, the economical shipment of bulk goods via sea, or the convenience of road transport for closer destinations, we ensure that each aspect of the journey is managed with efficiency and professionalism. Additionally, our adept handling of customs clearance and documentation relieves you of the bureaucratic burdens often associated with international relocation.

Understanding that each move is a personal journey, we place immense value on creating a moving experience that is as reassuring as it is efficient. By involving you in every step of the process and tailoring our services to your specific needs, we strive to transform the daunting task of moving internationally into a smooth, stress-free experience. With R&S Movers, you’re not just moving your belongings; you’re moving with a trusted partner who understands the significance of embarking on a new chapter in your life.

Expert Packing and Storage Solutions

Protecting your belongings during transit is our top priority. We utilize high-quality packing materials and expert techniques for maximum safety. Additionally, we offer both short-term and long-term storage solutions in our advanced facilities in Charleston, SC.

Seamless Customs Clearance and Documentation

Navigating customs regulations is a key part of international moving. We simplify this process, assisting with all necessary documentation and customs clearance procedures, staying up-to-date with the latest regulations to avoid delays or complications.

Dedicated Customer Support and Satisfaction

We are committed to customer satisfaction, providing dedicated support from the initial consultation to the final delivery. Our goal is to ensure an efficient, reassuring, and positive moving experience.

Contact Information and Location

For more information about our international moving services, including air, sea, and road transport, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at 603-268-5627. Located in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina, R&S Movers is ready to assist with your international moving needs, offering a seamless and successful relocation.