Shipping and Crating Services by R&S Movers in Charleston, SC: Secure and Customized Solutions

Professional Shipping and Crating in Charleston, SC

At R&S Movers, serving Charleston, South-Carolina, we offer specialized shipping and crating services designed to protect and secure your items for transit, whether locally or internationally. Our team of experts understands the importance of proper packing and crating for the safety of your belongings and provides tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of each item.


artwork and antiques shipping near me

Artwork and Antiques Shipping

Expert shipping and crating solutions for delicate items like artwork and antiques, ensuring they are protected against damage during transit.

industrial and machinery crating near me

Industrial and Machinery Crating

Customized crating services for heavy industrial equipment and machinery, providing secure and robust protection for transport.

electronics and fragile items shipping near me

Electronics and Fragile Items Shipping

Specialized packing and crating services for sensitive electronics and fragile items, using advanced materials and techniques to safeguard against impact and environmental factors.

Comprehensive Crating and Shipping Process

  • Custom Crating Design: Crafting tailor-made crates that fit the exact dimensions and protective needs of each item, utilizing high-quality materials for maximum security.
  • Advanced Packing Techniques: Employing the latest packing methods and materials to ensure the safety and integrity of your items throughout the shipping process.

End-to-End Service from Packing to Delivery

  • Thorough Planning and Coordination: Meticulous planning and coordination of the entire shipping and crating process, from initial assessment to final delivery.
  • Safe and Timely Transportation: Ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your items, with options for tracking and monitoring throughout the transit.

Why Trust R&S Movers for Shipping and Crating

  • Expertise in Specialized Shipping: Our extensive experience in shipping and crating a wide range of items ensures reliable and professional service.
  • Commitment to Quality and Precision: We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of service, with a focus on precision, care, and customer satisfaction.

Contact R&S Movers for Expert Shipping and Crating Services

Need professional shipping and crating services in Charleston, SC? Contact R&S Movers at 603-268-5627 or Our team is ready to provide you with the best solutions for your shipping and crating needs.

Crating Service
Crating and Moving Service

Understanding Our Custom Crating and Moving Services

✔️ Thorough Packing Solutions: Choosing our packing services extends beyond mere furniture blankets. Our seasoned moving team will meticulously pack your belongings in strong cartons, giving special attention to delicate items with additional packing paper and protective padding, so they reach your new home unscathed.

✔️ Complimentary Furniture Blanket Service: It’s an industry standard to protect your items with robust moving blankets, and we include this essential service for your furniture at no extra cost on moving day. This is part of our commitment to ensure the safety of your possessions.

✔️ Specialized Crating for Unique Items: For items that require more than just standard packing, we offer specialized crating. Our professionals craft wooden crates to protect sensitive items such as artwork, statues, and lighting fixtures, among others.

Bearded Brothers Moving Group, LLC Delivers Tailored Crating for:

✔️ Artwork: Secure your valuable art with custom-designed crates that fit the precise dimensions, keeping your artwork undamaged during the move.

✔️ Antiques: Protect the integrity and worth of your antique treasures with custom crating designed to shield them from jolts and impacts.

✔️ Musical Instruments: Our made-to-measure crates ensure that your musical instruments, from sizable pianos to fragile violins, remain secure in transit.

✔️ High-Value Items: For belongings of exceptional worth, our custom crating is the epitome of security, providing you with utmost confidence.

✔️ Electronic Devices: Ensure your electronic gadgets are transported safely with our custom crates, engineered to prevent any transit-related harm.

✔️ Business Machinery: We offer crating solutions perfect for delicate commercial machinery or specialized apparatus, ensuring your business assets are moved without risk.

✔️ Motorcycles: Motorcycle owners can trust in our custom crates to protect their bikes during transportation, ensuring they arrive in tip-top condition.